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Bring attention to your business by drawing SmartPrize spectators from around the Midwest. As a SmartPrize Venue, you will be included on the SmartPrize Map which will draw potential customers into your space. In addition, your participation lets the public know your venue supports innovation and is helping to invest in the future of Marquette. See below for details.


Eligible Venues may be: Any size, public or private spaces, indoors or outdoors, museums, parks, university facilities, retail shops, offices spaces, restaurants, cafes or non-profits, window space

Eligible Venues must:

Be located within the SmartPrize district which includes Marquette’s Downtown District, Washington from Front to Lincoln, Third Street from Fair to Baraga, and adjacent streets. View a map of the SmartPrize district.

Be open and accessible for at least the minimum required hours and free to the public, 12 – 4pm Saturday, April 1; 12 – 4pm Monday, April 3 through Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Meet federal, state, and Marquette city safety codes

Confirm with a contracted Exhibitor

Pay a $100 participation fee


The Registration Period begins December 1, 2016 and ends MARCH 10, 2017. Approved Exhibitors must set up their displays in the SmartPrize District by 6pm Friday, March 31, 2017. The event kicks off with SmartWalk at noon on Saturday, April 1 and ends Sunday, April 9 with final judging.  They will be expected to take down their exhibits between 4-pm on Saturday, April 8. Prizes will be awarded Sunday, April 9 at 5pm at the SmartPrize Awards Banquet.

How to Enter

Step One: Application & Approval

Complete and return the application form including signed Venue Agreement, photos and Venue Summary by MARCH 10, 2017. file will be posted on

Step Two: Connecting with an Exhibitor

SmartPrize registration begins December 1, 2016 and ends March 10, 2017

Exhibitors will browse for available venues and will contact you if they would like to host their exhibit at your venue.

You can also contact an Exhibitor if you have a specific vision for a particular display you believe would work well in your space. Click here for available Exhibitors.

Once the Registration Period ends, you will be unable to secure an Exhibitor.

Each Venue is responsible for securing its own Exhibitor, and vice versa. SmartPrize is responsible only for posting profiles on

Step Three: Discuss Details and Confirm Agreement

Once a Venue/Exhibitor agreement is confirmed the partners must decide the following:

Where the display will be installed within the venue, when it will arrive, who installs it.

The Venue and Exhibitor will draft a Hosting Agreement.

Submit a copy of the signed Hosting Agreement to SmartPrize staff prior to 5pm March 10, 2016.

Download the Hosting Agreement Template

Hosting Agreement:

Agreement should include a description of the Exhibit, specific requirements for the Exhibit (like lighting), how much space the display will take up in the Venue, specific description of the agreed location within the Venue, when the Exhibitor can start installation, arrangements for shipping, installation, and removal if the Exhibitor will not be attending the event, who pays for shipping (if necessary), who is responsible for display removal and how and when it will be removed.

Download the Hosting Agreement Template.


City Codes

SmartPrize is a public event which means City inspectors may visit your Venue to discuss safety concerns or questions. Visit for more information.


 Official SmartPrize Rules for Venues

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