SmartPrize Junior

MBank Presents:


What’s Your Big Idea?

SmartPrize Jr. is open to children ages 6-12 years old and offers the opportunity for the smallest creators to exhibit big ideas or inventions. It’s Show & Tell! SHOW us your big idea or invention. TELL us why we need it and how it works!

Creativity ~ Inspiration ~ Education

Cost is $25 per entry with over $1000 in prizes! Awards will be given for Judge’s Favorite, Crowd Favorite, & Social Media Favorite.

 Jr. Judge’s Favorite:

Winner of a $500 CD w/ 5 year maturity from MBank

Inventor/Business Kid Prize Basket

Interview with Radio Results Network

Tickets for entrant + one for  Award Banquet

& Dinner Sunday, April 9th 5-8pm

WNMU-FM 5-day Sponsor Package valued at $365

 Jr. Crowd Favorite:  

Inventor/Business-Kid Prize Basket

Interview with Radio Results Network

Tickets for entrant + one for  Award Banquet

& Dinner Sunday, April 9th 5-8pm

Jr. Social Media Favorite:

Inventor/Business-Kid Prize Basket

Interview with Radio Results Network

Tickets for entrant + one for  Award Banquet

& Dinner Sunday, April 9th 5-8pm

Judge’s will be provided with a description of your exhibit prior to the Judge’s Walk.  When they arrive at the booth, the kids will have 1-2 minutes to SHOW each judge their invention or idea and TELL them how it works and why we need it!  Your display can be as simple as a poster or as elaborate as a full prototype.

Register now through March 17, 2017 at:

Select your spot to exhibit your big idea using our SmartPrize Jr. map.  When registering, please select

the number on the map where you would like to display your entry.

Creative idea for the culinary world?  Set up in the cafe!

Innovative business plan in the forestry world?  Choose the tree house!

All you need is $10 and an idea.


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Meet the Smartprize Jr. Exhibitors!

Exhibit: The Iron Striker

Exhibitor: William Chittle

Description: The Iron Strikers are medical boots that can be worn by people who suffer from neuromuscular diseases (like Will). They offer support, heating and cooling, they are self propelled, have an infusion system for medications to relieve pain and much more. They also look cool so kids will want to wear them!

Exhibit: Trainer Kitty

Exhibitor: Mialie Arbelius

Description: It includes a cat that Mialie hand made and a skateboard. It’s purpose is to train, you handle a cat before you adopt one.

Exhibit: Enchanted Reflections

Exhibitor: Skylar Holland

Description: My idea is to create and illustrated book, available online and in print for people including kids my age. I want to make a book that will be interesting for people of any age to read, especially reluctant readers.

So far, I have created a fantasy story with twelve, almost thirteen, chapters. I have also created little things like comic books supporting the prologue and main character introduction. I have also started a page where people can view story that tie into the book.

I hope to create a book that will appeal to other people, and will be surprised that an eleven year old girl had made this book, both wrote and illustrated it, and self published it. And i hope to one day create more stories within the timeline of this story that tie into the book.

I dream that I could create a book with detailed scenes and dialogue. With amazing, exciting adventures that the main characters go through, while they meet so many other characters that help them along the way. With movies about it, and a series of other books, and side stories!

I feel that this will show other people who have little respect for young writers, that just because we are young doesn’t mean that we can’t accomplish things that other older people can, and they might gain some respect for young creators.

I would like to make it available in places like bookstores and online like Amazon, so that people everywhere, and not just in my town, can purchase it. It would be nice to see them appear in school libraries, so that it’s available to kids for free and any time. Maybe even in libraries out of my town!

Exhibit: The Mostly Hands Free TV Watcher

Exhibitor: Emma Arbellius

Description: It’s a clear screen that you can put your iPad mini or phone on it and it will be above you when you lay down, so you can watch videos hands free. I would like for the screen that you set your device on to be a touch screen if I could develop this idea further.